Nov 09

Naked in Trump’s DC

Recently an article in Elle Magazine appeared about a group in Washington DC who holds clothing optional dinner parties. The article talks about how nudism is a non sexual activity and how even though this particular group a nudist is adults and does not include children or families how they maintain a non-threatening and non-sexual atmosphere.

For those of you who are new to naturalism and or nudism this is a wonderful article. We at Marna are and AANR based group, but apparently hold much of the same practice is as this group. If you wish to read more about this group and their activities, visit Elle Magazine at the following web address:

Jun 12

Family Oriented Naturism

Family Oriented Naturism is non-sexual, and not about exhibitionism, or sex or pervertion. Those who know little or nothing. about naturism are shocked when told nudism is praticed in front of children. People forget, before until western culture spread, other cultures had no nudity taboos. The Japanese still have public baths where families bathe together often with total strangers (in modern times these have become less common). Polynesians were often topless or nude. Some South American natives live under roofs without walls, the entire tribe sleep, eat, and performed daily activities including sex (in darkness) nude and in view of the tribe. None of those children think this weird, odd, or perverted this as the normal to them. Naturist children actually have less to deal with as adult (sexual) activities are not allowed in public.

Participants in family naturism are generally as well behaved or better behaved as non-naturist. While naturists are generally more accepting of physical differences they may still have prejudices based on fear. The general idea is simply doing things nude that others would otherwise do clothed. Naturist culture has its own rules of etiquette, though some rules vary among groups and sites, other rules are considered universal.

Teens growing up in the nudist culture have statistically lower rate of pregnancy. In part, due to the openness of the culture, and also because there is less curiosity between children teens of the opposite sex. Studies have shown individuals of the nudist culture are more socially adjusted. Children of the nudist culture don’t care as much about the difference of being nude or not, they dress when necessary.

Most families who practice naturism are close, loving, and socially active. Activities at family oriented naturist events involve all ages and often are athletic competitions, tennis, volleyball, hiking, canoing, swimming, and more. Family Oriented Naturism stresses safe clean fun for the whole family. Naturists also tend to watch each one another’s children in order to maintain that level of safety.

The Maryland Area Naturist Association supports family oriented naturism, not adult only naturism. Landlords of some of our facilities restrict us to allowing adults only to events, so we can not allow children at all events. Adult only groups tend to be naturist only the surface, and being adult oriented at their core. We allow swingers, homosexuals, and others who are viewed by some clubs as outsiders, as long as their behavior is appropriate for family oriented settings. All are welcome to visit our events as long as they maintain decorum and are not perceived as a threat to safety.

We not only follow the International Naturist Federation’s of naturism:

naturism is:
“a lifestyle in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, and characterized by self-respect of people with different opinions and of the environment.”

We in fact also apply the following English idea of what naturism is:

Nudism is the act of being naked, while naturism is a lifestyle which at various times embraced nature, environment, respect for others, self-respect, crafts, healthy eating, vegetarianism, teetotalism, non-smoking, yoga, physical exercise and pacifism as well as nudity.

Individuals members may define themselves as nudists or choose to follow various parts of this "ideal" definition of naturism as they wish. Also since we wish to include, not exclude, we therefore allow non nudists the opportunity to attend the first few visits until they are comfortable with disrobing. Women may also choose to remain clothed during certain lunar cycles. If a couple visits and one person is naturist and another (mate or relative) is not they may choose to stay clothed. We will begin to be concerned if someone visits without intending to ever disrobe and is not a family member of a naturist.

Where the family oriented definition comes in is as defined in Wiki Answers:

Family Oriented means that a person in particular likes to spend time with biological relatives like children, cousins, siblings, parents, grandparents, etc. Family Oriented people also like to have big families probably 3 kids or more.

In addition family oriented can also apply to a product, service, film etc. “those movies over there are family oriented.” “that theme park is family oriented”, etc.

So in short, if you are family oriented… you like family friendly things.

Also, things in the community that are advertised as “fun for the whole family” or “safe for kids” are often family oriented events.

MARNA not only intends to be "Family Oriented" but also intends its members to be one big extended family, with all the trust and quirks a real family has. Along those lines, we feel having jewelry and tattoos is even on your genitals acceptable. Using jewelry and tattoos to blatantly advertise your genitals or your sexuality is NOT being "Family Oriented".

Come as you are and come as who you are. Don’t be afraid to express yourself in a good clean healthy way, but remember we don’t allow adult activities. Also remember, be friendly, but don’t be "overly" friendly, it may be perceived in the wrong way.